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Consulting Services

We combine functional expertise with practical experience to provide our clients real impact and results.

ServiScape can provide a variety of consulting services to golf course facilities. Within the following categories, any number of specific consulting projects can be developed based upon the objectives and information desired.

  • Analysis of existing course conditions and maintenance practices
  • Site visits to identify deficiencies and solutions for your maintenance program
  • Develop specific agronomic plan for your course to address chemical/fertility programs and cultural practices
  • Course quality evaluations to assure standards are met
  • Develop maintenance standards as a guide to quality conditions
  • Budget evaluation; is it adequate, deficient, or possibly inflated?
  • Zero based budget development
  • Evaluate existing equipment fleet and address future needs
  • Provide recruitment assistance for key personnel
  • Development of staff training programs to raise skill levels, improve quality, and create higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Assist and oversee construction and renovation projects
  • Deliver comprehensive written reports
  • On going maintenance management services inflated?